Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tiny But Mighty

Columbine seeds
Columbine seedlings
Yesterday, I told you about the Columbine seed I discovered in the refrigerator and my haphazard method of sowing it.   Here's how the little seedlings look today.   After collecting some more seed, I thought you'd like to see how tiny it is. 

First Year Prairie Smoke Plant
Small First Year Bed
Looking at one of our new beds, sparsely planted with  wonderful but tiny first year specimens, I find myself a little discouraged. Some of the specimens are still so small, it's hard for me to visualize how this bed will look after the plants have taken hold and filled in. This one bed has 7 Prairie Smoke, 9 Blue Eyed Grass, and 3 Prairie Dropseed.  Some of the Prairie Smoke plants aren't much bigger than a 50 cent piece. I know they'll be spectacular when they are blooming next year. This plant will grow to 16 inches and produce a wispy flower. When the wind blows, it will look like smoke rising from the top of the plant. I can't wait.  This is especially tough for me because I want instant results.  Patience Grasshopper.

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