Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

The new Butterflyweed, Virginia Mountain Mint, and Purple Coneflower in our front “island” bed are budding up and getting ready to bloom. I didn’t expect any flowers from them this first year. The Ohio Spiderwort and Columbine have already finished flowering. Last month, Jan Hunter and her crew from Naturally Native Nursery did a fantastic job of planting these natives grown from seed in her nursery.
Apparently the Serviceberry berries are ripening. The Robins and chipmunks are rapidly stripping the fruit from the small trees. I’ve got to get some harvested for my own seeding efforts.
The older Columbines that have just grown up naturally are almost through blooming and many of them are already producing seed. I’ll collect a lot of this seed and sow in various parts of the yard. I may keep some of the seed to sow in flats.

The Beardtongue I planted last year is now in full bloom. There are also several “volunteer” specimens that sprouted in a backyard unused flower pot. Along with a couple of Columbines, I let these seedlings grow where they rooted.
Volunteer Beardtongue

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