Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Juvenile Solomon's Seal
Today I transplanted 3 Purple Coneflowers to the new front yard native bed. I also moved two clumps of juvenile Solomon's Seal. I was rather aggressive in dividing the Columbine and Purple Coneflowers transplanted earlier in the month. They aren’t looking very good right now, but I expect most of them will come back fine next year. These newer transplants were moved in larger clumps without any division. So they look much better and look like they may provide a bloom or two soon.

I keep checking the Brown Eyed Susans growing strong in the shady part of the back side yard. No flower buds showing yet. I am anxious to see how these do. I acquired these 6 seedlings from the Wood County Park system last year. I do a lot of volunteer work in their native plant restoration program. Last year, the manager gave me several leftovers at the end of one volunteer planting session. There is also a Tall Ironweed growing here even though it isn’t supposed to do well in the shade. I also acquired this from the Wood County Parks.

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